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Born in Goiania, Brazil, Mestre Andre Gusmao is  a Capoeira Mestre and a Second Degree Black Belt under the legendary RENZO GRACIE . He is 2009 Pan American Black Belt Champion. He was not only a student of Renzo but a team mate as well. Andre Gusmao went on to compete along side Renzo and won two Championsips in the International Fight League (IFL). Following his success in the IFL, Andre went on to fight for the prestigious Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). 

Fighting fighters such as Jon Jones, amongst others, making Andre Gusmao a UFC veteran. In 2016, Mestre Andre Gusmao opened his own academy in Miami with the hopes of expanding his legacy by sharing his knowledge in all the disciplines combined. 

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Born in Panama City, Panama, Gustavo began his Martial Arts journey at a very young age. He is a certified Assistant Instructor in SongMooKwan Hapkido, under Grandmaster Song il Park (9th degree Black Belt).  His continuous passion for Martial arts lead him to eventually find Capoeira. After meeting  Mestre Andre Gusmao during a Capoeira Seminar,  Gustavo quickly took advantage of the opportunity of training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Capoeira, and Muay Thai full-time under him. In Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Gustavo has competed in 20+ tournaments, including the  Pan-American Championship. 

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